A bit out of sorts

“A strong positive attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug.”

Patricia Neal (born January, 1926)

I know the benefits of the above quote 
yet it’s a bit hard right now…

In a freakish accident Darling Daughter slipped and dislocated her knee cap yesterday…
Pain, hospital, knee brace, total immobilization, pain…
She is a brave little one and I hope all will heal…

A bit out of source is how we all are at this moment, in a kind of fog if you will…
If only I could take her pain, the frustration, and the fears she feels all away
Reassuring her when there is so much I still do not know is what I do…

Writing those words here helped somehow …
Thank you so much for listening to me today…

Deep breath…Inhale…Exhale…



  1. Sorry, I missed this one yesterday.Hope your daughter (and you) are felling better today. A dislocated knee sounds so painful, and scary.Time for the deep breathing.Give your daughter my love,Lilli


  2. Anyes, holding you and yours in my thoughts today. Trust the process and all will be well. We cannot shield our children from their life experiences; it is growth for all involved!Blessings


  3. oh no….how awful for your daughter. lucky for her she has a great caretaker in YOU !i hope she heals quickly and without anymore pain !!ps…after talking to you on the phone and hearing your accent, which is beautiful by the way, i laughed just a little bit at your blog post. "out of sorts" is what you are saying and i knew what you meant with "out of source"i hope i'm not offending you by sharing what i know you meant…..xoxoxo


  4. Oh sweetie, I am so sorry to hear that! How painful indeed. The only thing worse than our own pain, is the pain of a child of ours whom we can't help. Please know I will pray for her and for all of you! May peace and comfort wrap you in a warm blanket tonight and may the pain be but fleeting. Hugs sweetie!


  5. Anyes, I'm so very sorry to hear your daughter has injured her knee. There is always a lesson in these difficult situations I think … I hope that she will recover soon (knees injuries are painful and take time but children naturally may heal more easily than adults – the bodies being more flexible, younger …). Sending a healing energy your daughters way and you be strong, I know way too well how painful it is to watch our little ones to suffer in any kind of pain … Love!!


  6. So very sorry what happened to your daughter, Anyes… Hoping very much her pain wil subside soon. And yours too. Keep breathing in the meantime… ((HUGS)) P.S. I'm having a tiny give away, stop by if you can, maybe it will cheery you. :o)


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