Looking for answers

We can’t change anything until we get some fresh ideas,
until we begin to see things differently. 
James Hillman

An easy trip to my local library this afternoon, with a grand total of a five minutes stroll gave me two books, I did not know I was looking for.
Hastily grabbing this book and this one  I head out back home wondering if I had made a good choice, it being such a spur of the moment decision. A quick leafing through both books reassured me those were indeed books I was meant read.

I am glad I am listening more and more often to those quiet whispers of mine. The same soft whisper telling me to just go in my backyard and look for a coloured leaf for today’s post. Autumn is here and with it come  much introspection. Lots is happening here at home, on all levels and I know those are lessons sent our ways for a good reason.
Change is needed and fresh ideas are flowing through. This time around I am ready to implement and experiment. Looking at everything with a new set of eyes is what I am doing.  

…This is what I love about Autumn, it always feels to me like a new beginning…



  1. Tracy, I feel so empowered to be able to trust my instincts. Have an awesome week :-)Saskia, This banner is from Beth at Be yourself…everyone else is taken, she did such an amazing job :-)Vicky, introspection is the key word I know you will be amazed of what you do find. Sending healing energy your way :-)ladyfi, new adventures are so exciting :-)CherryPie, They are :-)emma, Thank you :-)Karen, Could Autumn be the new Spring? ;-)Brian, I am trying to :-)Chantal, same here 🙂


  2. This is why I love fall the best – the change is so evident and colorful!I love the new header, too. Looks like I need to change mine. . .


  3. Everything starts to look and feel almost brand new, even though we've gazed upon them hundreds if not thousands of times before! You are causing me to now think about my own introspection and if I am paying close enough attention… thank you Anyes! I need to check out your reading links 🙂


  4. Trust those whispers… They seem small and fleeting, but the hold such inner wisdom, gentle flexibility, even joy. Your reading choices are so good! And must say I LOVE your new banner–beautiful, and speaks very much about where you are on the path now. :o) Happy Week, Anyes ((HUGS))


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