“In your light I learn how to love.
In your beauty, how to make poems. 
You dance inside my chest where no-one sees you, but sometimes I do, 
and that sight becomes this art.”

The rain is back and with it a beauty I had forgotten. Water pearls are seen everywhere. The shiny light reflecting on the leaves reminds me of how beautiful a rainy day can be. Looking out the window searching for something to capture through my camera lens, I am drawn towards this soft reflection, being reminded that beauty is everywhere.

Inside I feel cozy and I am starting to savour the beginning of a lazy week-end, you know very well that it’s my favourite kind. Books are waiting to be read, blank pages are waiting to be filled up with the whispers of my soul. A creative kind of week-end with few interruptions, a rare chance to see how truly dedicated I am to work on what makes my heart beat faster.

If the weather allows it I might even go out and try to see what the pond looks like. I feel it’s been a while I did not photograph it. I am curious to see what treasures I can find if any. Being able to capture the rain drops falling down should be giving me something interesting to do. Somehow my heart tells me I’ll find something I will want to share with you 🙂



  1. Oh Anyes, you most definitely found something to share. The image so captures a distinct moment in nature and Rumi…oh how I can read his words all day.Thank You!


  2. Brian, hmm the best kind of weather :-)ladyfi, so far so good :-)Vicky, I hope you will have a cozy afternoon too :-)Karen, bright and sunny is supposed to happen tomorrow…We'll see :-)Sherry, I truly am :-)beth, rest and enjoy those quiet moments as much as you can. Healing thoughts sent your way :-)Chantal, my heart sings reading your words 🙂


  3. it's been awhile since we've seen the rain. i almost welcome it now….sitting and reading has sustained me these past two days and i see more of just that in my future…i loved the quote on this post…..xoxo


  4. There is a warmth and general "coziness" that exudes through your words today. I'd like to just curl up with them and enjoy a cozy afternoon too 🙂 I "heart" Rumi, and that was a very satisfying quote. Happy Weekend!


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