Sunset Sundays

How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains!
John Muir

Autumn’s early mornings are always such a delight to my senses. A powerful surge of quiet energy flows through my veins while taking this photograph. I feels everything is still possible and the world is at my finger tips. The sun’s glorious light is a bit faint hidden behind the morning clouds. I know it is coming and with it the day will unfold filled with delight.

Today’s Sunset is a Sunrise and a treasure nonetheless. If you are a regular reader you know  my two friends Karen at A Good Snapshot and Scott at Just Used Pixels are also posting about Sunset on Sundays…

I know you’re curious so take my hand come along,
and let’s see 😉


  1. CherryPie, it really was :-)Sas, I wish you a very good week, big hugs to you :-)Hilary, It looked really warm but the morning was cold ;-)Gine, oui elle est bien partie :-)Karen, Sunsets and sunrises alwasy remind me of daily miracles :-)emma, exactly how I felt :-)Christina, thank you :-)Karen, I am working on it ;-)Vicky, It really sets the mood for the whole day and I'll be sure to come and visit tomorrow 🙂


  2. Ohh I am a day too late, but I have a sunrise for tomorrow (hopefully) This is breathtaking and love the bit of distortion to the sky… doesn't it just create a wonderful mood for the day?


  3. i pause to wonder at how many sunsets and sunrises i have been blessed to enjoy during my life so far… it is rather overwhelming to consider and makes me smile…today, you have added another beautiful sunrise to my treasures… my thanks, my friend.-xok.


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