Finding the light

Sometimes just looking up and seeing the light is enough.  
Terri Guillemets

Often times it’s only a matter of looking up and you see the light. No matter how dark it seemed to have been just moments ago, the sky is brightening up. I am learning to letting  go of fears and worries, to trust the light to show itself from behind the dark clouds. Reading this book is slowly opening me up to a different awareness. Quite a challenge for someone like me who up until recently did not know she was able to become more intuitive.

The light is always there to guide me if I could just remember to look up 😉



  1. I couldn't agree with you more Anyes!! xoxo I'm going to look into this book. I truly believe that we "know" things without realizing it. But when we learn to "tune in" we are amazed at how much we are actually aware on a deeper level.


  2. Isabelle, I have been repeating this in my head the whole day today…Thank you :-)Birdie, Have a wonderful week-end :-)Vicky, It's not because it's simple than tit is easy ;-)Gail, You mean Anyes right? Thank you I guess ;-)Hilary, it is a very interesting read :-)Saskia, Enjoy your loved ones this week-end :-)beth, you are too sweet and Thank you :-)CherryPie, exactly what we focus on expands :-)Chantal, I am glad I did 😉


  3. HI PAM – such a great picture. Wow, and yes I always say that "shame looks down, courage looks straight ahead and faith looks up"!! Hallelujah.You sound wonderful. "YAY"Love Gailpeace…..


  4. What a great capture in your photo! Why we shift our focus off the very things that bring us life and energy, I'll never completely understand- but we simply do. Its very simple, isn't it, yes, look up for the light!


  5. Anyes, lovely post! every time the sky is gray here i remind myself that behind those clouds there is a beautiful blue sky that will show up again 🙂 it is always there 😉 thank you for the link, something i would be interested to explore as well 🙂 happy weekend!


  6. The thing with our brain is that it best understands simple command, so instead of saying "I am learning to let go of my fears…" just say "I let go of my fears…" every minute of every day for 21 days (that's how long it takes for our thinking patterns to change)… and remember "The light is always there to guide you" whether you look at it or not :)Have a great day + 21 more!


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