Stunning Sunday Skies

“Photography records the gamut of feelings written on the human face, 
the beauty of the earth and skies that man has inherited, 
and the wealth and confusion man has created.
It is a major force in explaining man to man.” 
Edward Steichen 

The skies were so generous in giving me whole canvases of inspiration, I felt quite lucky taking my camera and being able to capture such beauty. These are the morning skies I love to see during the colder and wetter seasons. No matter how many early morning I get to witness, I am still in awe of their beauty.

Now I am going over to Karen at A Good Snapshot to see what her skies look like.
 …Are you coming?…


  1. emma, I always do wake up early as it seems to be the only time I have for myself ;-)Brian, this sky's colours were breathtaking. I hope you had a great Sunday :-)Marcie, the sky always surprises me :-)Karen, What a storm it was! I am glad it's only rain here :-)Jennifer, or should I say the brave that can't sleep any more ;-)Karen, I am glad you enjoy them 🙂


  2. Those early morning jewelly shotsgo to the brave of heartwho dare to venture from beneath the warm coverson frosty mornings while the still dark air whispers "sleep a little longer…." :)well done, you!thanks for the share,Jennifer


  3. I'll fourth that, Anyes. Those colors are wonderful.I don't think you would ever get the equivalent of a nor'eastern there on the Pacific Coast; your climate is too mild. But count your blessings as parts of New England are under two feet of snow tonight.


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