Going through with it

“Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves 
come when life seems most challenging.”
Joseph Campbell (1904-1987) 

That’s right, I am going through with it, as I mentioned yesterday. A daily challenge of about 2000 written words every day for the whole month of November is bound to teach me a thing or two about deeper powers within myself. To be honest at this moment it all looks like the top of this mountain, hidden behind the clouds, quite unattainable…

Why go through with it then? Well for one I am getting tired of dreaming of writing and of letting my fear run the show. The butterflies in my stomach are letting me know I am on the right path. I have to admit a big part of me is also very curious about how it will all turn out. Is it anything like I imagined? I do wonder and about it and this is a great way to find out. If I want to start earning my life this way, I might as well give it a serious try, see how it really feels to write every single day, 6 or 8 pages a day for a whole month…

If you are curious about how I will continue with the everyday life I was leading up until yesterday, well that makes two of us ;-). 
It will not be stopping by any means, i.e work will still go on, food will still have to be prepared and children will still be taken to their activities, and so on and so forth. The one place I might will be cutting from, is sleeping time. 

Then again who knows, the story might be taking me by the hand and I will be whizzing through those pages like a pro, or not 😉

The future will tell and in the meantime, I bid you adieu for now,

…my story awaits…

See you tomorrow?



  1. It's a wonderful goal, the amount (2000 words) and the time frame (1 month) sound very workable and real … then you can stop and adjust and reflect on what you've done and go forward.Good luck to you! 🙂


  2. Brian, It feels a bit better now that the work has started :-)ladyfi, I hope I get to see it all the way from up there ;-)Irish American Mom, an historical Novel how fascinating! I am so please to be inspiring you. Come and visit often :-)Saskia, I feel so empowered just for trying it :-)Otto von Munchow, a whole new world indeed :-)Karen, it's just a matter of beating myself up every morning with a stick, just kidding ;-)Scott 🙂 I am so happy to see you back. I hope your blog re-appears. Good luck


  3. Looks like an incredible challenge and I wish you the very best on it.Sorry I've been gone, my blog disappeared while I was in New England. I've put up a new one here to keep up for now.


  4. I found your blog today through The Pioneer Woman. So glad to read about your writing goal. Wishing you every success in attaining this wonderful goal. I too need to focus on writing each and every day. I am 90% finished with a historical novel I have been working on for years. I need to focus for this month and finally finish it. Thanks for the inspiration.


  5. smiles. i hope that the story does just that and that you enjoy the creative process…if it becomes too much work…remember you are in control of it…write on writer…smiles.


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