Lesson one

We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.  
Ernest Hemingway

The window view by my kitchen, where I am writing and loving it 🙂
First day of the NaNoWriMo challenge and I have the pleasure to say so far so good. I was all ready to be writing my little heart away, except for my lack of story, plot, character, or scenes. You know the few particulars needed to write a novel… So I went back to the drawing board and as of today I have my plot, my characters, my supporting cast, three key scenes and even know how my novel ends. Having spent a bit of time fleshing out my characters (writing who they are like to get to know them better), I am really excited to try and give them life.

This is much fun, very challenging and I love it. Slept very little yesterday too many ideas dancing around, not really understanding all of what NaNoWrimo entailed before I was a bit nervous. Feeling much better today, still much to be doing but with a completed mind map it feels much easier. I have to tell you I find the whole experience quite invigorating and I am learning much about myself in the process. This creative journey of mine is turning out to be a real pleasure.

…Have you already commented 
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  1. Birdie, Yes I am enjoying myself a lot :-)Vicky, That is exactly what is happening :-)emma, Thank you :-)Brian, Thank you so much for the books :-)margie, well right now I am writing…hopefully at the end it will become a novel…who knows ;-)Se'Lah, This view is very calming, missing you much 🙂


  2. nice…glad you are having fun with it…and sounds like you have the nuts and bolts down…for future reference, three books that helped me…Setting the Scene (i will have to find the author)On Writing (Stephen King)Bird by Bird (Anne Lamott)


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