Sunset Sundays

“May our mind be inclined towards virtuous deeds, acquiring strength and long-life!
May we continue to see the glorious sight of Rising Sun for eternity!” 
Yajur Veda 
This is our Sunday Rendezvous with Sunset/Sunrise beauty
Writing is slowly finding its place in my daily routine
I am thankful for all your cheers along the way
Let’s see what my friends Karen from A Good Snapshot 
 and Scott from Just Used Pixels ,
have for us to look at in their magic bags 
full of photographic beauties…
Have a look I know you will love it
Last day to comment on my 500th post Giveaway
the winner is announced tomorrow…
Good luck and thank you for participating 🙂


  1. Brian, writing has such a different feel to it, like if someone was taking me away to a different world :-)Gine, en fait cette photo est un lever de soleil :-)emma, blessings to you :-)Birdie, I love your skies looking forward to see more :-)Scott, Thank you :-)Hilary, this was a sunrise and I had to share it with all of you :-)Marcie, it was an amazing sight :-)Karen, I beg to differ :-)Chantal, Thank you :-)Mary, it feels like I am doing what is right for me 🙂


  2. wonderful Anyes! we were so blessed with beautiful sunsets and sunrise lately too – I may post some soon. happy to hear the writing is going well :-). love.


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