One ribbon at a time

I’ll tell you how the sun rose a ribbon at a time.
Emily Dickinson 

I had visions of a four days week-end spent writing while the heavy rain was falling outside. Pj days at home together with Darling Daughter and Sweet Son and not much going on. NaNoWrimo is the challenge I have taken on and I was excited to see where the characters I am giving life to were going to take me. 

…Life is a succession of plans that never come to pass followed by a surprising reality we have to adjust ourselves to…

Yesterday evening Lovely Husband came home not feeling so well and will most probably stay with us to rest as the stress of his work is taking a heavy toll on his body and his mind. To say that I am worried is an understatement as I know he would not stay home if he was feeling like himself.

We will go and see the doctor to confirm that there is nothing terribly going on with him and will most probably have very quiet days as a family. Writing is going to take second fiddle this long week-end and I will have to accept the fact that I only can do it one day at a time and that it is plenty enough.

Today is Remembrance Day here in Canada and I am thinking of all the families that have lost loved ones in wars all over the world. My deepest wish is for the quote below to come true in my lifetime:

“Someday they’ll give a war and nobody will come,”
Carl Sandburg (1878 – 1967)


  1. That is such a wonderful quote… Remembrance Day here too. Hope you and yours are on the way to recovery. Enjoy the time you have together. x


  2. here's hoping with a new day, your husband is feeling better !!i finished reading "the descendants" and it was a fabulous book. talk about one of those stories where i was able to conjure up a visual of what all the characters looked like based on how descriptive the writing was…..i think you would love it.


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