Stunning Sunday Skies

This photograph was taken from the rear view mirror of our car about a month ago. The light was extraordinary and I remember wanting to try and capture its beauty with my camera. I thought I would share it with you for my Stunning Sunday skies. I am doing this together with Karen at A Good Snapshot, her photograph this week is simply out of this world…Go see

Today is a slow day, as Lovely Husband is still feeling quite uncomfortable. A stress test has been scheduled for this coming Monday and we should know more then. Lots of thoughts running in my head, thoughts I do not want to give much weight to as I know the power they can have. 

…Breathing deep and keeping calm…
…Comforting myself in knowing everything will be fine…
I thank all of you for your kind comments and will try to visit your blogs today 🙂


  1. This photo makes me feel as though I've crawled inside a beautiful oyster shell–so opalescent and serene. May such light and comfort surround your husband and you as you work toward his healing.Blessings,Kathryn


  2. Such GORGEOUS light and wonderful composition! So sorry that you husband has been unwell… I hope all will be well, and that he is well again soon. Sending you all uplifting thoughts and healthy vibes. :o) ((HUGS))


  3. I may use your little trick myself someday – love that shot.Hope your DH is feeling a tiny bit better today. I'm sending good thoughts to both of you.


  4. Gorgeous shot…hope the same golden lightinfuses all the prayers liftedfor you and hubby;I know I'm lifting mine nowwith big hope that healing happensswiftly and for peace to wrap you both in comfort and rest.Just….keep….breathing.(my rattled heart is with you…my own brittle week still battering mymind.)Thanks for the share….with you.-Jennifer


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