Autumn Frosted Beauty

“I like spring, but it is too young. I like summer, but it is too proud. 
So I like best of all autumn, because its tone is mellower, its colours are richer, and it is tinged with a little sorrow. 
Its golden richness speaks not of the innocence of spring, 
nor the power of summer, 
but of the mellowness and kindly wisdom of approaching age.
It knows the limitations of life and its content.”| 
Lin Yutang

Warm yellows, burnt oranges, deep reds and vibrant green the perfect Autumn tapestry of colours mingling together on my front yard yesterday morning. November seems to be staying warm this year contrary to all the weather predictions, was what I caught myself thinking.

How about this for a surprise? Waking up to see those frozen treasures in my front yard was a nice treat. The beautiful frost covered green blades of grass nicely sporting their winter attires reminded me that I was smack in the middle of November. It seems it had been that way without me noticing it this year πŸ˜‰

How precious to see the Autumn colours still present when the first soft sign of Winter is knocking at our door. I felt grateful to capture this beauty all covered in her frosty layer waiting gently to be blown away by the Northern winds.

Change is in the air and it looks beautiful don’t you think?


  1. Isabelle, I bet early morning photographs in your neck of the woods should be dreamy :-)Hilary, I can see it your way too. A hot coffee in a warm sunny room is hard to beat indeed :-)Vicky, I know you could do it, just give it a try :-)emma, A lovely week-end to you too :-)CherryPie, When I found it I feel in love :-)Chantal, the way the season are coming ;-)Brian, Still no snow? I would think there already would have been some over where you are :-)Kathryn, I am glad you are enjoying it πŸ™‚


  2. Oh, yes you did, capture it splendidly. I've tried to take frost pictures in the past but they haven't turned out well. You've inspire me to try again however- I have the same November days happening right in front of me! Thanks sweet girl!


  3. Very pretty frosty leaves, Anyes. I'm with Isabelle.. I know I'd have to head out pretty early to catch those treasures. And warm coffee served in a sunny room is much more enticing at that hour.


  4. Beautiful indeed! The temperature are slowly reaching 0Β°C and below in the morning and unlike you, I haven't gone out yet to photograph early morning treasures… it's too nice and warm inside πŸ™‚ So thank you for sharing!


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