Going too fast?

“There is more to life than simply increasing its speed.”
Mahatma Gandhi  (1869-1948) 

Any suggestions on how to slow it down ?


  1. Brian, intentionally taking time is what I know I miss :-)Mike, ah…bubble bath, I believe it's been about a century I did not have one ;-)Great idea thoughGine, je suis contente que cela t'aide :-)Chantal, I have to remember :-)Mary, letting the world move around you …very wise 🙂 CherryPie, resting for a while always hard…:-)Kathryn, you are right I first need to give myself permission 🙂


  2. A terrific illustration of your theme in this photo, Anyes. Everyone here is offering excellent ideas for the necessary slow-down, so I'll just add that one thing has become clearer to me as I get older: much-needed slowing down can only happen if we give ourselves *permission* to do it. Sounds easier than it is–life will always find ways to push or guilt us into keeping up the pace–but only if we learn to take quiet breaks to make *ourselves* happy and calm and healthy can we fully and properly serve everyone and everything else we value.xoxo,Kathryn


  3. perfect image to imply the "speediness" of life. I have taken myself off of FB and rarely look at my Twitter.When I'm out in the world I'm experimenting with letting the world move around me instead of thinking I have to jump into the race!


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