On a bright sunny day

“I think joy and sweetness and affection are a spiritual path. 
We’re here to know God, to love and serve God, 
and to be blown away by the beauty and miracle of nature. 
You just have to get rid of so much baggage to be light enough to dance, 
to sing, to play. You don’t have time to carry grudges; 
you don’t have time to cling to the need to be right.” 
Anne Lamott
This morning’s bright and sunny light is helping my aching spirits.
Those birds listening in to the whistling wind, were striking a pose. 
Small tidbits of normal are what I need now to get back afloat.
Walking with my camera sure is helping me feel normal.
Small treasures are found everywhere, I just need to get back into it 🙂

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  1. Oh friend, this was like havinga surprise grocery bag full of fresh flowers and produceand soft warm breaddelivered to my doorby a smiling soulwho then hands ME a tip!Wow….so beautiful.Much thanks for this wonderful share:)-Jennifer


  2. ladyFi, me too…believe me…me too :-)Vicky, it's the book I am reading right now :-)beth, life with all it's ups & downs:-)emma, I will try to make it so :-)Hilary, Thank you :-)linda, I believe you are right. Taking photographs is my solution :-)CherryPie, your words are soothing me :-)Isabelle, faith is what keeps me hoping :-)Brian, it's a matter of being patient and wait it out :-)Carola, I tried to find out by I have no idea what they are either 🙂


  3. Anyes, I have no idea what is going on, but I am glad that you find relieve and good feeling in walking with your camera. Those two birds are lovely – I wish I knew what kind they were. Birds are so cheerful, they so often make me smile.Sending you a BIG hug!


  4. You see how Annie was right… the sun came out! If life wasn't a roller coaster we would complain that the ride wasn't funny enough. The thing is sometimes we feel like holding up our arms in the air and let go and sometimes we feel like hanging on to the bars of fear… Have faith 🙂


  5. What a great capture! I love that quote… have you read Bird by Bird? Its on my list… Happy days to you as you rediscover getting back into it 🙂


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