Is it so wrong?

“With luck, it might even snow for us.” 
Haruki Murakami, After Dark 
Let it be said I am not a Winter person, yet every year come December 
I find myself yearning for snow covered roofs and cold blue skies.
Daydreaming of snow ball fights, and downhill luge rides.
Let me be clear about something though,
I only like fresh fallen snow.
Is it so wrong? 😉

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  1. Chantal, Christmas morning snow is the best, very rare here :-)Pieces of Sunshine, snow and sunlight always look good together :-)Mats, I bet there must be quite of bit of it by now :-)Isabelle, I am still debating, I love the clean look yet I miss the gadgets. Blogger said they are working on it. I am giving it a bit of time to see how I feel:-)Tracy, Let's only have fresh snow this Winter…What do you say? ;-)Enjoy your week-end ((HUGS))


  2. So lovely this light frosting of snow, Anyes… We've had snow here this week too, and just above a dusting. And that's enough…for I'm not a winter person either. And only fresh so will do… ;o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS)) P.S. Nice with the new looks here!


  3. We are all dreaming of a white christmas… like the song! It'll come, it'll come :)You are experimenting the dynamic presentation; are you happy with it?


  4. Birdie, I hope it will come later this week. I be sure to send you some ;-)beth, imagine a 4 week Winter? now that would be different ;-)ladyfi, I thought you'd have some by now :-)emma, I hope it will come soon for you too :-)CherryPie, it seems everyone is on the same page ;-)Kathryn, it does seem that way :-)Brian, it does not stay long enough here for me to get tired of it, luckily for me ;-)Karen, I would have thought you would have had a bit sometimes :-)Vicky, If only it was for the school closing so we can play with the children 🙂


  5. Oh we are kindred spirits, you and I. I like the first snowfall, the first snow day, the thrill of the snowball fights and letting the fresh flakes land on my tongue… and then I'm done! Would you believe this year we have not had any snow yet? Its a sheer miracle I tell you… and I'm getting a little excited for it to come 🙂


  6. All I can say is, Thank goodness we don't have it here. North Carolina doesn't do snow well (except in the mountains where they're used to it).


  7. Hahaha–I think longing for only pristine snow is in fact the universal version. When it's old and slushy and icy and dirty, we're *all* good and done with it!


  8. not wrong at all….and just like me. and then when it does snow, i only like it for about 3 or 4 weeks and then it can all go away 🙂


  9. love the picture Anyes, wishing for some snow here … nothing but the rain till now … and in this part of the world is not even sure we will have some snow … happy snowy days!


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