Trying it on for size ;-)

Continuity gives us roots; change gives us branches, 
letting us stretch and grow and reach new heights. 
Pauline R. Kezer
…I have had in my head the need for change for a while now…
…So tonight while playing around with Blogger template…
 …I just jumped both feet into the cold unknown…

*and here I am*

… I would understand if you feel a bit out of place…
…I know I do, yet isn’t it how we grow?…

…by trying new things on for size …
…and see if we like them?
…Just giving it a try…What do YOU think…

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  1. Gine, j'espere qu'ils vont penser a mettre plus de liberte creative dans leur nouvelle version…J'attends un peu et je verrai :-)Mary, You are so kind 🙂


  2. Anyes, I've been playing with this same Dynamic template as well…it's a bit counter intuitive but it definitely has a clean yet soft look… Your images are beautiful!


  3. J'adore les changements ! Ca permet d'avancer … même si parfois la forme ne me plaît pas. Ce que je reproche à ces nouveaux modèles Blogger, c'est l'uniformisation de tous les blogs. J'aime bien me retrouver dans un blog (écriture, couleurs, format) qui me montre un peu de mon interlocuteur … Mais, si c'est ton choix, que cela ne t'empêche pas d'avancer ! Passe un bon weekend !


  4. emma, You are my first commenter on this new look. Thank you :-)Otto, You are very kind and I thank you for this compliment :-)Isabelle, I have made myself an inspiration page and it feels less lonely :-)Uma, I am having much fun and love to explore this new possibility ;-)Birdie, I am relieved you used the word comfortable :-)Brian, I am still getting used to it myself, so bare and uncluttered, I am glad you like :-)Kathryn, fresh and straightforward, thank you :-)Nicole, I am happily surprised to see you here and thank you for your kind words 🙂


  5. I read a quote once, I think, that said something like: without change, there can be no progress. So, it looks like change is essential for growth. The kicker for me is that change is very scary sometimes. Your changes here make the photos and posts stand out more, placing emphasis on the insights that are featured here, so it is well received and welcome. The new changes fit in line with the warmness of your blog.The Madlab Post


  6. Because your posts tend to focus on one image at a time, paired with fairly small amounts of text, I think this crisp and uncluttered look works very well for you. But I'm most attracted to the content, so I suspect there aren't many formats or templates that would put much of a damper on that. This one, though: fresh and straightforward. I like.


  7. I love it! I see what Isabelle is saying about the sidebar, but isn't it interesting to go through the viewing options and see, for example, all your photos come up as a grid?


  8. You know I tried for a while because I like to change things around; then I felt something was missing in this presentation, almost like if I was alone in my blog :)… so I went back to the old templates!Have fun trying out new styles!


  9. Continuity and change. A driving force. That is what enriches life and puts it in perspective. I really like the picture. So rich and full of colours and tones. What makes it stand out is the use of shallow depth of field.


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