Stunning Sunday Skies

A pessimist sees only the dark side of the clouds, and mopes; 
a philosopher sees both sides, and shrugs; 
an optimist doesn’t see the clouds at all – he’s walking on them. 
Leonard Louis Levinson 

Driving back from Seattle two weeks ago this sky was following us every where ;-). 
I could not help but trying to capture it. 
It is my rendition of the Stunning Sunday Skies, a bi-weekly venture 
I am doing with Karen from A Good Snapshot.
Her skies are something I always look forward to see on Sunday mornings. 
Go and pay her a visit and I know you will enjoy it :-)

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  1. Nicole, I would love to see what kind of skies are around where you live…Think about it :-)Db, me gusta mucho caminar sobre el cielo ;-)Vicky, The sky was incredible, I am glad I tried to capture it to share it with you :-)demie, optimism is the way to go…I think :-)Karen, Seattle is such a vibrant city, come back to visit…we could meet :-)Brian, I always love to go to the market…I'll look up The Wild Ginger next time we go :-)Scott, I believe there was a storm in the distance. :-)Gine, les autoroutes Americaines sont quelque chose de grandioses…ideales pour des photos interessantes 🙂


  2. Très beau ciel, j'y suis sensible … Depuis chez moi, j'en vois une petite portion, très belle le soir. Mais, j'aime sortir, aller plus loin, pour avoir plus d'horizon … et le mieux, évidemment, c'est sur la route, avec le ciel tout autour !


  3. Looks so much like my sky today. Thank you for taking that photo and I'm so envious of your trip to Seattle, one of my favorite cities and one that I haven't been to in almost 30(!) years.


  4. What a striking photo!I like the hints of yellow and blue in an opening of the dark clouds. It kind of works as an example of how brighter days do come after a storm or after a moment of dark clouds….which can be applied to life in a variety of useful ways. The trees down below add more to the image as well. This would make a beautiful postcard.The bi-weekly snapshot thing sounds interesting but I'd dare not join another weekly meme, especially one that forces me to get out of the house…on Sundays…when I'm tired, lol. Thank goodness I have the option of reading your and (now, since you've introduced us to her blog) Karen's posts and reflections and the pleasure of living vicariously through your Sunday snapshots.The Madlab Post


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