Do you like mystery?

“Mystery is at the heart of creativity. That, and surprise.” 
Julia Cameron 

Already two days since I changed the template of my blog and I have discovered that the minimalist look is something I really enjoy. This uncluttered version is giving more focus to the photographs I love to take. Interesting to see how following my inner whisper lead me to this place. It is feeling quite strange to be here and at the same time, I am sensing it is where I belong. It looks like I will be here for a while 😉

The down side of this has more to do with the sense of being all alone, wondering if anyone else is reading. I have created the inspiration page to try and keep in touch with some of my favourite blogs. I can see all your comments and feel so pleased to read them and to go and visit you back. I still fee a bit disconnected, I guess it has to do with the disappearance of the sidebar and all the gadgets it had. It feels a bit mysterious and quite one-sided right now… 

If someone at Blogger is listening, or actually reading this post, I’d like them to give the templates more creative freedom (missing my beautiful header, so much). I read that Blogger would eventually bring gadgets support. So being the optimist I am, I will be waiting and hoping it will happen sooner than later…Site Meter


  1. Sherry, I am glad you went for it and you will get used to our minimal it is :-)I hope Blogger will soon give us some creative options back…Let us wait a bit more…


  2. I keep thinking I want to go minimal but as you said we lose quite a bit when we do. Maybe not having the sidebar is a good thing as it keeps the focus where it counts…but I do miss your beautiful headers you create!


  3. Chantal, Thank you for this beautiful compliment :-)Db, me hace mucho gusto de verle acqui de nuevo :-)eliza, Yes, the top side look is one of the ways you can look at my blog now :-)Still debating about WordPress…a lot …Birdie, keeping my virtual fingers crossed :-)emma, I think this is exactly what keeps me staying with this template :-)Isabelle, Your mountains are sure worth the visits 🙂


  4. Anyes, i really enjoy it as a reader, it's simple, it for sure put your picture more in its value … i wouldn't mind to have the same for me … but i hear you on the header as well hopefully blogger will fix it soon …


  5. i really like this too – love the minimalist look. on the top left of your blog i can change the appearance though from classic, to all kinds of different options; am i meant to be able to do that? there is a sidebar version there i think.i moved over to wordpress recently (from blogger) and i am happy i did, works for me in terms of more creativity with the layouts.. have a great day 🙂


  6. Tracy, Following my heart is exactly what I am doing now as my head is telling me something totally different :-)Kathryn, reading your words made me smile and comforted me, thank you :-)ladyfi, the header is what I miss the most, I hope the word verification is now gone and makes it quicker for you :-)radicalamazement, WordPress has been tempting me for a while now :-)sas, hello and welcome here, I am so glad you came and that you like the new look :-)CherryPie, I still hope Blogger will bring the promised improvements :-)Carola, I have looked everywhere and did not find any of your comments, but thank you for trying it again today :-)Brian, a little dose of mystery is always good, you're right 🙂


  7. Oh such a beautiful photo dear Anyes. Your new template feels pure and airy.Just listen to your inner whisper…big hug from Holland xxx!


  8. I like this look much better. Simple is good. Also, just fyi, you might take a look at wordpress. I think it has much more to offer in terms of customizing your site. (Is that a bad thing to leave on a blogspot blog? Sorry… don't mean to offend at all… just sharing my preference.)


  9. I like this look! But I do agree – I do like a header too! I don't have a sidebar – everything is at the bottom of my blog – it means more space for my photos.


  10. Tracy's right, Anyes. I love the look of this. And WOW, what a gorgeous (and *very* NW) photo today. Yes, you know very well that I love mystery! And the misty, mossy rainforests around BC and WA are beloved favorites that evoke mystery so well.Trust me, my dear, I'm here!Kathryn


  11. The minimal look is lovely, I think so too, Anyes–it really does put your photos in top focus. ;o) I've been blogging many years now, and I like a more minimal look. Too much in the sidebar, too many buttons, widgets and whatnot subtract a bit from the main content & photography sometime. Follow your heart, it will tell you. :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))


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