Almost there…

“A man travels the world in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.” George Moore ( 1873-1958)
Vancouver YVR, above Richmond, BC
I am happy to report my trip went without any problems. Arriving very early in the morning, at Vancouver airport to check-in. Before I could really sit down and collect my thoughts, I already was on board flight 282, destination Paris. I always enjoyed the pull of gravity against the seat when the plane takes off. I was happy to notice this time around was no different 🙂

…A sea of clouds 1/2 hour after take off…
Looking at the window being on top of the sky is the best feeling ever. Being in between time zones gave me somewhat of a lost feeling. Taking in the recent events, I was wondering what was waiting for me back home. I knew I would find out soon enough so I tried my best to be calm and enjoy the rest of the journey.
…Fort Worth Dallas airport…
A welcomed stop at the Fort Worth Dallas airport enabled me to stretch my legs. Camera in hand I took this opportunity to shoot some of the interesting sights at one of the airport terminals. This metal sculpture was in the middle of the many resting areas disseminated around terminal D.
Between A10 and A11 Highways
Landing without any problems after a quick meeting my brother and his family, together we are now continuing this trip. The next leg of the trip is on the French highways. The recent news from my parents is helping me get a better sense of the whole situation. Feeling somewhat reassured I am looking forward to see them both after 2 1/2 years.
Almost there…Still a few hours on the road, I remember the feel of the small towns of the country I used to live in. A small stop at my sister’s and we’re on the road again…This trip seems to never end but I know it’s all worth it 🙂


  1. So glad you landed safely, Anyes. Your pictures make me long for Europe – sometimes I'm quite homesick, good thing it doesn't happen too often.I had to laugh about your highway picture, because the first thing I saw was a Chevrolet! And I wondered…Have a good time, a blessed Christmas.


  2. How lucky you are! Back to France and your family at Christmas. Please post as many pictures as you can during your stay there.Still having problems uploading photos on my blog. I'm beyond frustration right now.


  3. May this journey be a great blessing for you and your family, Anyes. I'm glad the travel part went smoothly. If you ever fly through Dallas/Ft Worth airport again and have any layover time, let me know so I can try to come see you at DFW, because it's only about 45 minutes from where we live!Wishing you and yours (on both continents) a peaceful, healing, joyful Christmas.xoxo,Kathryn


  4. There is no place like home for the Holidays. Hope your trip home is a wonderful one for all concerned and I look forward to seeing many of your beautiful images to chronicle your journey.


  5. Anyes, thanks for taking us with you on your trip. Love seeing the french countryside. Never been to Europe. Take good care and keep the posts coming!Many hugs!!


  6. When is the last time your brother(s) and sister(s) were all together? How cool to be able to be together for this trip home. Your photos are lovely and I get a real sense of where you are. Be well Anyes, I hope the news is the best possible for all of you 🙂


  7. Mais quel blues terrible ! J'ai envie de dire : "Lâche-toi !". Tu y es, vis-le le mieux possible ! Allez, courage, je pense à toi et j'espère que toutes tes appréhensions n'auront aucune raison d'être ! Amicalement


  8. Anyes, welcome to the same timezone 🙂 so glad that your trip went well and I can somehow hear excitement in your voice … may all your stay be as well as your trip!


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