Creaking Old houses

She lay for a long time listening to the mysterious sounds given forth by old houses at night, the undefinable creakings, rustlings, and sighings, which would have frightened Virginia had she remained awake, but which sounded to Nan like the long murmur of the past breaking on the shores of a sleeping world.” 

Edith Wharton, The Buccaneers

…Night time full of strange noises, I had forgotten…
…The old house I always wondered about as a child, still standing alone and mysterious…
…Taking everyday life one situation at a time…

…Remembering that nature’s walks are the best to soothe my aching heart…
…The artist in me is helping the woman I am, to be patient with it all…
…Being very thankful for the comments I read and the loving toughts sent our way…

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  1. Some years back, who would have thought that you could travel across the ocean and continue to keep in close touch with the same people day after day? Email to and from friends. Comments on blogs. Skype with family. Sharing images, worries and woes. And getting near-instant responses. We live in interesting times. Sending one of those near-instant hugs your way.


  2. I love the way you are sharing France with us. I would DIE for that old house. It's beautiful over there. Thanks for sharing & having your camera at the helm!


  3. What an exquisite photo, Anyes. I'm glad you're able to take some moments of respite in walking and revisiting your old home places. Sending you warmest thoughts and prayers and wishes for strength, wisdom, patience and joy as you go through this process.


  4. Oh Anyes, I feel for you. Going along with it is something we have to do… take it a day at a time and try not to hard on yourself. I'm still coming to terms with things and it's taking a while. Sending love to you… xxxx


  5. You find words and images that float through my soul. You find ways to describe where you are and how you are feeling that are succinct and resonate. Your "manta" to take everyday life one situation at a time is wise. And being patient…is so important. Sending love to you across the miles.


  6. loving your posts Anyes. Family stuff, the complexities of the inter-relationships with our mother and father…so fasinating…taking a stand/not taking a stand…let your beautiful light shine through!


  7. we all need to take everyday life one situation at a time … and stay detached may be so difficult sometimes but we need to learn how to do that not only for our own sake but also so that we can be here for others … me too, i'm finding my peace in nature!!you are so strong Anyes, hugs!


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