On Christmas Eve…

Writing in the early morning of Christmas’ eve, I feel stretched not only across the time zones, but in my heart and my mind as well. 

I am now readying myself emotionally to say goodbye to a way of life my parents have always known. I feel and share their distress. Transitions are often challenging, even if neccessary. However knowing their situations has been handled to the best of everyone involved is a soothing relief.

The light is there, deep within the darkness so dim, yet I am beginning to see it. Focusing on this new start is helping me so much. I feel very blessed to have been able, in a small fashion, to participate in this important event in both their lives. Time I know will help us all, understand how well it all went. Given all the elements involved, it’s nothing short of a miracle that is all happening fairly smoothly.

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  1. hope the transition is going smoothlyand that you're riding it well;bravo to parents who are still able to grow and roll with changes;may they roll slowly and with tender care:)big grace to you all,Jennifer


  2. Sending you much love. Change is hard at any age and when we are doing things to help our aging parents and to make their transitions easier the lines between child and parent dissolve…in so many ways it is truly a gift for everyone.


  3. Anyes! There is nothing I would like more at this moment than to be able to hug you. And whisper a quiet "It's all good" in your ear. You said something about Paris. I hope all nice things happening around you. You seem like the person who knows how to find happiness. So I hope you do. 🙂 Merry Christmas you. And lots of love across the continents..


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