On the road again…

“Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; 
we had longer ways to go. 
But no matter, the road is life”
Jack Kerouac, On the Road

A gut wrenching reality gnawing at my side is keeping me from enjoying the last moments of this trip with my father. Being here with him, my mind still wandering away thinking what I dare not voice out. His health being so frail worries me to no end.

…breathing in…breathing out…

This afternoon will be the last visit with my mother, until next time. She is not aware that next time might not happen anytime soon, and it is better this way. In her own world made of past memories of distant times, memories never heard of before.

…breathing in…breathing out…

Looking around for the very first time it seems, I see the stunning sights I had never noticed being a child, or even a young teenager. It has taken me all this time to realize how lucky I was, to have spent my childhood in such a environment.

…breathing in…breathing out…

Traveling up North tonight with my sister, will allow us to reminisce of the childhood we shared and all the times we were inseparable. Regardless of how much distance separates us or of how different our lives are today, we are still very close, the way sisters are.

 …breathing in…breathing out…

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  1. Sweet Anyes, this post resonates within me in so many ways. I hope that you will find the peace that our family has through our own journey into similar territories, a peace that takes constant tending and rebuilding but offers comfort all the same.xoxo,Kathryn


  2. Beautiful post. I relate to this so well. Unfortunately, it was the loss of my mom, that brought about the awareness of how lucky I was to grow up where I did. My heart goes out to you. It is not easy to watch parents age. And when you don't live that close to them, the situation becomes even more heart wrenching. Definitely makes one realize how short life is. Hang in there. Sometimes the only thing we can do is go forward even though the future may not look that bright.


  3. Reading every post since you left. Although its nothing like having you here, its comforting to hear your voice in everything you write. And the warmth of that sunset helped keep away some of the winter chill. Love you, and see you soon ❤ -Darling Daughter Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. -Buddha


  4. Like me, it sounds like you are recognizing the problem with being in the past and future instead of the present…and working through that by returning to the breath is the very best way. My thoughts are with you this week.


  5. Recognizing and accepting what "is" vs. what "was" — it is so sobering and it makes us "grow up" even when we thought we'd already done that. Your journey is made harder because of the miles that separate you. I'm glad that you are going to have some time with your sister…to reminisce and to forge a tighter bond as your adult selves in this world in which you are now surrounded. Wishing you continued peace and solace.


  6. Sounds like an emotional…family-filled trip. And – yes – just breathe….be present..take it all in…and let it go. Enjoy your time with your sister – there's nothing more special and precious than that!


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