1. Sherry, it got clouded over later on here too :-)Frida, whishing you a great week-end as well :-)Hilary, Thank you :-)emma, a rainy week-end is forecasted and it's OK with me :-)Birdie, I am sending you sun as we speak ;-)Kathryn, the day turned out to be very good here too, enjoy your week-end :-)ruma, you are most welcome and I am delighted to see you here and wish you a Happy New Year too 🙂


  2. Hello, Anyes. I was given many crops from your glorious works. We are far distantly each other, but this human interchange has cultural significance. Thank you for your heartwarming message and many visit, in this year.  I thank for your encouragement for Japan. Healthy and Happy new years for you and yours. Close spring, ruma ❀


  3. I *am* having a beautiful day, and as usual I have you to thank for it in part! May you also be blessed with beauty all the day through. 🙂


  4. And you as well. The day began with sunshine and then it got lost behind the heavy cloud cover and the slate grey sky…but I can still see it in my mind's eye! xo


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