Why do I feel this way?

…A bit bruised and very tired…
…Looking at this beautiful early dawn moon and wondering…
…Still trying to answer questions that are not mine to begin with…

…Hurting in my gut for everything I could not change…


  1. Oh Anyes…I know this feeling too well! What I am beginning to understand at a very deep level is that feeling bad for someone else isn't helping the other nor does it make you a better friend/lover/daughter/mother….I'm only saying this because I speak from direct experince! Love yourself, love your life, being joyful can only help everybody. We (you/me/all of us) need to trust that what is happening is perfect no matter what it looks like from the outside! LOTS of Love & Hugs to you.BTW…your image is stunning…very powerful full moon!!


  2. Grief takes so many forms. We grieve over so many things…most of them things that we cannot change but would in a heartbeat if we could.Be gentle with yourself, make time for tears and sadness..then make yourself laugh. It is very hard to cry when you are laughing…an both are immensely good for the soul. xo


  3. dear Anyes, don't blame yourself for any mistakes yours or anybody's else … what happened, happened … it probably should have been that way … we all need to go from what is now … hugs!!


  4. It is painful when we realise that there are things we wish we could change but can't. I know you will have done your best and that is really what matters. You have done the best you can *hugs*


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