…Still trying…

How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains! 
John Muir

So many thoughts whirling around lately, in my head and in my heart I feel unable to resume my “normal activities”. It seems I am coasting as if in a daze trying to keep a semblance of normalcy to my everyday life.

Even my morning writing rituals have been put on hold as my body keeps wanting to sleep it seems for ever. I have wondered lately about the virtues of hibernation and found myself wishing to be a bear 😉

I am however so grateful for the daily show offered by the rising sun outside my kitchen window. It is helping my saddened spirits to get back to being the cheerful person I am inside. 

I am torn between the decision to give myself a “blogging break” and trying to keep writing knowing how much it is helping me to keep afloat. So I’ll be posting only not as regularly as I used too, at least for a while, until I feel I have something to contribute.

Sherry from Portobella Lane wrote about grief, in one of her comments and it was the first time I realized it might be exactly what I am experiencing even if no one (thankfully) passed away. This sense of loss in my heart and the tears that are always just a kind word away are some of the signs I am displaying. 

Thank you for understanding and being patient with me…

24 comments on “…Still trying…

  1. some times blogging takes a huge part of our lifes, when life is actually anything alse but it…a break is a healthy thing…. and sadness can give one a lot. thoughts. ideas.even perspective … tears are like a river that washes away all "dirt" our soul gathersyou are in the right path my friend as long as you appreciate a wonderful sunrise ; )love to you Anyes


  2. Listen to your heart.. your instincts. They won't steer you wrong. Write what you need to write when you feel the need. We'll all be here when your ready.. and even when you're not. Look out for yourself. Hugs.


  3. Listen to your heart, Anyes…it never lets you down. :o) Take the time you need, do what you need for your, and what feels right for your creative flow. Be kind to yourself. January is a tough month, I think… hibernation, or even semi-hibernation sounds good. ;o) Be taking good care… ((HUGS)) P.S. To give you lift maybe, I'm hosting a Valentine Swap and Giveaway, stop by to see if you'd like to join in.


  4. I've just picked up blogging after a 4 week break and it really feels great to be back again. But at the same time I really enjoyed to collect new inspiration during those week. Really nice pic, with great colors!


  5. going through the dark night of the soul is not an easy process; if you fight it, you loose your strength… go with the flow and it'll take you where you have to go 🙂


  6. Be kind and patient to yourself, dear Anyes. Grief is a powerful thing. Some days I feel I can take on the world and then I remember… Talk, write, just be, but above all be gentle with yourself. Only you know how you are feeling – there is no right or wrong way to grieve. Sending love and hugs xoxo


  7. Grief goes along with opposite, love and pleasure. We grief when we lose that, but it makes us understand what is or has been important in life. Grief is hard to cope with in the moment, but it brings wisdom to us and insight. We learn. And even when we lose – in one way or another – our love one or a dream or something else that has been important to us, it will still be with us in our hearts. Finding consolation in those small moments of sunrise or a friendly word, makes us look up and beyond and helps dealing with the grief. I wish you all the best.


  8. Grief is by far the most individual, poignant, interesting road to navigate in one's life; and it doesn't just occur when a loved one passes…there are many little "griefs" along the way…disappointments, wishes not fulfilled…letting go of our parents while they're still with us is all part of this process…as we become empowered to be the adults as they begin their process of letting go of this world…it sure shakes things up doesn't it?!? The ebb and flow of life and the groundlessness of it all.Sending you big, warm, hugs!M


  9. I grieved far more for my parents before they died than afterwards, something I did not expect. I've been hibernating too, staying up too late and then sleeping in in the morning and having a hard time adjusting to the looser schedule/winter combination…At least you have some beautiful sunlight to cheer you in the morning!


  10. Just remember to be gentle with yourself. Jet lag takes time to leave the body…grief takes so many forms…and it is very important to just let your feelings flow. Only worry if you seem to become stuck in one place and feel depression wanting to settle in. You'll know the signs and you'll know if you need to go and talk to someone. Keep in mind that being able to talk with a professional can give you more relief than substances, medicines or reading self help books, and yes, even blogging. You'll be here when it feels "right" and you know that we will be right here waiting. ♥


  11. dear Anyes listen to your heart and instinct and follow it … if a break from blogging calls, just take it … hugging you!ps: i hear you on the hibernating – i wished many times this winter to be a bear 😉


  12. lean in honey-honor your feelings and keep going in… its the best advice I received and its what led me out the other side. You know we'll all be here if you decide to step away for awhile 🙂 Take care of you!


  13. I understand too much about grief. For me it was the death of a dream. In my imagination I could see myself with someone next year in ten years and then old age. That did not happen and I had to start over. Terrifed and in shock mixed the undertones of grief. I didn't manage at all at first and then the ratio of bad days to good started leaning in my favor.Do your best to manage or not. I found that even when you don't get out of bed for a few days or don't open mail for a few weeks the world doesn't come to an end. Even if you think it will. Grieving over a loss means it was important and it meant something. Grief to me honors that importance. It goes by quicker if you don't fight it. Just my experience.Hope you feel better.


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