Wishing you light

In the right light, at the right time, 
everything is extraordinary.  
Aaron Rose

…I just wanted to let you know…
…your understanding and your kind words helped me through these rough patches…
…Retreating was necessary and allowed my aching heart to heal…
…most of all what I really needed to tell you is…

…I have missed you very, very much…
…I am happy to be back…



  1. ohhhhh, welcome welcome welcome!so glad you're back (such a gorgeous image and those words).I send you loveand bright hope for healing happeninglong and slow and tender,your precious heart.Big quiet hug,Jennifer


  2. Anyes, I am glad you are back too. love the sunset and your photo in your previous post just makes me smile. Whatever you have been going through I hope it gets easier for you. grief has its own timetable for sure. sending you a big hug.


  3. It seems to be a very slow road and one I learn a lot from. You are right Carola these cliches you mention do help a lot, interestingly enough πŸ™‚


  4. Oh Kathryn, it is indeed a long and slow journey. This retreat allowed me to realize how necessary it is for me to feel all the emotions and still accept that I did my best. The rest of what happened is totally out of my control.It is a real pleasure to see you here πŸ™‚


  5. Anyes, I haven't been here for a week or two, just read all of your posts back to the V&V one. I think I can understand or at least recognize what you are dealing with at the moment – it sounds very familiar. Unfortunately I do not have a recipe for how to get out of it. You have to go through it, but please take care of yourself. If you're tired, sleep. Being tired all the time only makes everything worse. Hopefully you can take walks – nature has always helped me. If writing helps you, write down everything that comes to mind – your writing is beautiful, and I think it is an outlet for you to deal with everything in your life right now.During times like these I tell myself "old" "wisdoms" like "every night ends in the light of a new day", "whenever a door closes, another opens", "each tunnel has an end" etc. – very cliche, but you get the picture.Wishing you with all my heart that you're feeling better soon.


  6. I don't know why my link with your blog always 'acts up' and either doesn't send me your new posts (sometimes) or doesn't send *you* my comments (some other times)–but, hoping you receive this one, I'll just say that you never cease to be in my thoughts and I wish you continued healing and peace. Grief is a long, slow journey, and when it's connected with the living rather than the finality of death, it can be harder to recognize and much more subtle to process. I am glad for you that you are beginning to find moments of sunlight that pierce the darkness; may they increase greatly as time continues to pass.xoxo,Kathryn


  7. happy that you are feeling better & to have you back Anyes! still hibernating over here, after the few days of a really lovely sun we are back to rain and gray skies, it feels like a bad joke 😦 … i love that picture!!


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