It’s all an illusion…

Where does the white go when the snow melts?
Hugh Kieffer

All the lessons I am learning lately, have to do with how everything or everyone is in a transition stage. Whether the fresh snow melting under the sunlight within days of having fallen, or the season turning one into the other, they all are in a moving stage of impermanence. Interestingly enough I know now, change is the only permanent element I can rely on. 

The complicated family situations, I have been confronted with this past Christmas back in France, were so hard for me to comprehend. I was refusing a change that was already well on its way. On the contrary faced with it, I still spent my of my energy refusing the transformation and fighting against it all. As a result my soul was left drained and hopeless. My body felt exhausted and I know jet-lag was not the only reason, my mind was churning around with all the “what-ifs, we-should-haves and how-come-we-didn’t”.

What saved me are you asking? Well first of all, I listened very intently to my inner whisper and took a blogging break almost right after coming back to Canada. It was hard to stay unplugged and I even felt very guilty for not keeping in touch with anyone. Yet as luck would have it the week I did not blog we had snow. A lot of it and I got to enjoy it all with Darling Daughter and Sweet son. We went out, slayed downhill, built a snow fort and I got my camera with me the whole time. The bright Winter sunlight replenished my whole being.

When I look at it now and understanding in my heart the illusion it all is, I feel peace and a stranger sense of contentment. I know it’s out of my hand, that my only course of action is to be…just be. Writing it seems simple enough, and I am here to tell you it is quite a challenge for me. 

So here I am today sharing with you my insights. In doing so I am hoping it will be of help to anyone going through the rough patches, life is sometimes throwing our ways.

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  1. Which is what I am starting to discover. I feel it is easier for me to try and go with the flow, to enjoy what comes my way to the best of my capacity 🙂


  2. Acceptance can be a tough pill but we keep coming up against it when we resist it. I'm glad you've found some peace. Lovely image. The snow looks like clusters of hydrangeas.


  3. Dearest Anyes, I think you are so right about this. And it *will* bring you greater peace as you go along, knowing that all things, and all of us, are in constant transition. I was just lunching with a friend today and we were discussing struggles and losses and came to the discussion of this very topic and how aware we are that any moment can be anyone's last; just because we don't know we have an illness or are right around the corner from an accident doesn't mean it can't touch us–but at the same time, nothing guarantees that you or I mightn't live a very long, very joyful, very fulfilled life. I for one plan to live on that assumption and hope, but try at the same time to be appreciative of the great people and gifts around me that might prove fleeting too so I never waste such wealth. Maybe it's the wintertime that brings out such thoughts in us all!Hugs to you!Kathryn


  4. i am glad you have found peace with it…or some…and got to play in the snow with your kids…that is certainly refreshing…everything is in transition and it takes a whole lot of energy to try and fight it…


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