Back in France…

She glances at the photo, and the pilot light of memory 
flickers in her eyes. 
Frank Deford

Looking around in all the photographs I took in France, yesterday night I found those I had totally forgotten. They reminded me of the time I was at my parent’s home and looking at them is bittersweet. 

Sitting under the very big Weeping Willow Tree, looking at this liquid sunshine I was reminded of how fragile and beautiful everything is. Moments of peace stolen from the worries of those days.

Chopped wood for the cold days of Winter ahead, piled up waiting to be burned in the chimney. Memories of the time I was there, stirring in my heart. Interesting how just looking at some photographs, brought me back in time so vividly. 


  1. Vickie, This willow is my favourite tree and I often found peace sitting under it's branches. Worries are still there and my coping mechanism is improving I guess :/. Thank you for your visit πŸ™‚


  2. I am blushing for the compliment you are giving me here Vicky. I do put lots of me in those photographs yet never really think of it this way. Big and soft hugs to you πŸ™‚


  3. Beautiful photographs. That willow is very peaceful indeed. When I'm home and need a break I like to walk through the wildflower meadow behind my dad's house. I think we all need our safe places so we can reflect on our situation. Hoping you have less worries these days.


  4. These photos are evocative even for me who wasn't there with you. I think you pour so much of your heart and soul into your photos that you enable us to be a part of your world and also can draw yourself back to those moments that stand out for yourself. Hugs sweet girl, thank you for sharing with us all!


  5. Anyes, these pictures are beautiful & i know how you feel!!! i get that when i travel back to my homeland and then when i'm back home i look at them and they are as you said so perfectly very vivid … enjoy it, the peace of these moments not the worries … love & hugs!!


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