Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up 
and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come.
 Anne Lamott

…Writing is what I want to do…
…Taking photographs is what I want to do…
…So how is it I feel so out of balance lately, and doubt myself yet again…

…Looking for the stubborn will to keep at it, even when I am so unsure…



  1. Doubt is a common them amongst creative spirits and I thank you, Carola for reminding me that I have company in this struggle of mine 🙂


  2. Kathryn, with words like this I am feeling so much love and encouragement, a perfect combination to combat those pesky doubts of mine. Thank you so much xoxo


  3. Thoughts are never a problem with me, it seems my head is overflowing with them all the time…The spark caught my eye and I had to share it here 🙂


  4. Writing is the one thing I have always wanted to do, and somehow always gets pushed to the bottom of my list. Thank you for telling me every one do feel the same some days xoxo


  5. Echo Marcie's words….you are doing it Anyes! Doubt is part of growth. Being willing to admit there is doubt is part of the process of breaking through the doubt…who would've thunk!?!


  6. Doubt and fear – the two things that stop us dead in our tracks. What I like to say to myself is: Doubt that doubt. And – you're doing it. You're facing that fear. You're right here!


  7. It sounds familar, that doubt in ourselves. I think we all go this from time to time. It's difficult, though. I am confident that you will do what you want to do, that you will follow your heart's desire. It takes time, be patient with yourself.


  8. It really is about patience I think and about giving ourselves the time to bloom naturally. I'm going through a similar period of self-doubt and wonder what on earth I was thinking coming out of my comfort zone to pursue so much new knowledge and (if I can get through the learning process) a new career. Once you're on the path of following your passion though, what can one do but keep going?


  9. if that is really on your heart…you will not escape it…we try at times…and you know a lot of times those doubts rob us of opportunities…i think any artist will agree, no matter their medium, that they at times struggle with confidence…


  10. I know of no other way than just keeping on, persisting, insisting. Hopefully, life will catch up to you and help you along the way. What you're doing is already so good that it's worth it to us readers that you persist!xoxo


  11. sometimes just giving up the feeling that we have to feel or do something or to feel certain way can help & we just relax with the feelings & we patiently wait for it to come back … acceptance & patience i think … hugs to you Anyes!


  12. i think we all have those doubt filled days…..i least i know i do.i would love to write like i used to….but i find it now to be a chore somedays and i just hate that feeling.i want it to be easy and natural…..xoxo


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