A different skyline

…Mornings of gray and wet are upon us once more…
…and for some reason a very different skyline comes to my mind today…
…Missing those old roofs mingling with the trees in the heart of the city of Light…

…Are you also missing something today?…


  1. I like how you describe in words the reason I framed this photograph the way I did. Thank you Otto. Hoping you soon get reunited with your love πŸ™‚


  2. I touching picture – and touching words. I miss my love today, only because for the time being we are at different places of the world. Temporarily though. The photo is beautiful. I really like the tree to the left with all its detailed branches that stretches into the sky. It balances the picture – and emotions – perfectly.


  3. I'd be missing that skyline too, Aynes… beautiful! I sometimes miss living in a bigger city. I love our sweet little old house near the sea, but there are time I so miss the richness, variety & cultural events a big city has to offer. :o) Happy Day, my friend ((HUGS))


  4. What a marvelous picture sweetie, thanks for sharin'.My answer would be sunshine…it's been hidin' 'round here.God bless ya and have a fabulous week sweetie!!! :o)


  5. Oh oui : je me languis de la chaleur … L'Γ©tΓ© semble trop loin ! Sinon, j'aime bien la nostalgie, sans grande tristesse, comme un souvenir doux …


  6. I think in some ways every day makes me miss something or, more often, someone. The thing I'm working on is to make more days ones when I just say to myself that 'I wish so-and-so were here to enjoy this wonderfulness with me' instead of 'This isn't as good without so-and-so'. Then I can be more immersed in what's good about the day instead of what's missing from it.


  7. Where I live not very old buildings are torn down. The old and historic buildings are not preserved. These old buildings link us too the past. You've made me think of a wider scope of loss.


  8. Hmm, if I searched my heart I would say yes, always, I miss my Dad πŸ™‚ He'd be my go-to miss, but there are others I am sure I would conjure up eventually!


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