28 comments on “A different skyline

  1. I touching picture – and touching words. I miss my love today, only because for the time being we are at different places of the world. Temporarily though. The photo is beautiful. I really like the tree to the left with all its detailed branches that stretches into the sky. It balances the picture – and emotions – perfectly.


  2. I'd be missing that skyline too, Aynes… beautiful! I sometimes miss living in a bigger city. I love our sweet little old house near the sea, but there are time I so miss the richness, variety & cultural events a big city has to offer. :o) Happy Day, my friend ((HUGS))


  3. What a marvelous picture sweetie, thanks for sharin'.My answer would be sunshine…it's been hidin' 'round here.God bless ya and have a fabulous week sweetie!!! :o)


  4. Oh oui : je me languis de la chaleur … L'Γ©tΓ© semble trop loin ! Sinon, j'aime bien la nostalgie, sans grande tristesse, comme un souvenir doux …


  5. I think in some ways every day makes me miss something or, more often, someone. The thing I'm working on is to make more days ones when I just say to myself that 'I wish so-and-so were here to enjoy this wonderfulness with me' instead of 'This isn't as good without so-and-so'. Then I can be more immersed in what's good about the day instead of what's missing from it.


  6. Where I live not very old buildings are torn down. The old and historic buildings are not preserved. These old buildings link us too the past. You've made me think of a wider scope of loss.


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