Sunset Sundays

“With each sunrise, we start anew” 

Renewing yourself on a daily basis is a worthy challenge I am taking now. The other night I got myself a new blog, this one is a photoblog with Shutterchance. I intend to post a photograph daily which I will have either taken before or that same day. 

I welcome this opportunity to improve my skills, to understand more of the process involved in taking worthy photographs. I am thrilled and giddy with excitement. 

Any renewal going on in your life? I’d love to know about it 🙂


  1. congratulations on your new blog….but i have to be honest and let you know that keeping up more then oneblog can be utterly tiring. i hope you find what works for you.xoxo


  2. I am glad to see you and your photographs there Ginnie. I hope to post daily and see where it takes me. Shutterchance feels like a very supportive community 🙂


  3. Tracy, Self-renewal is sometimes necessary especially after having been as busy as you have been lately. Wishing you rest and relaxation, sweet friend 🙂


  4. How fun to find you on SC, Anyes. I used to post there every day, then only from Monday – Friday. Now I post only Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and find it's a rhythm that works best for me. You'll find your own rhythm, too, of course. Welcome!


  5. VERY exciting about your photo-blog, Anyes–wonderful idea! I love your photography. :o) At the moment I'm feeling a need for some self-care after some busy days recently–so a little self-renewal maybe. Happy Week ((HUGS))


  6. What a great idea to do a photo every day. That should keep you busy. I particularly like the comments that go along with your photos


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