Waiting it out…

Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience. 
Ralph Waldo Emerson

…The gray and the wet outside do not bother me today, as they sometimes do…
…I found my sunshine in those blades of grass, and I remember…
…That children joy and laughter will be heard again on long evening walks…
…That beautiful flowers will be blooming again sooner that I imagine…

…In the end it’s just a matter of waiting it out…


  1. LOVELY reflection, Anyes… I'm feeling that way too, and a bit subduded due to sad news, not feeling well, as winter doldrums… I'm looking forward to spring! ;o) Happy weekend ((HUGS))


  2. And so indeed it is. As our winter is ever so much shorter than yours, today is already warm enough here for me to have the doors open–thank heavens, because I have been cooking, baking and roasting a bunch of things and would be steamed-smoked-spattered right out of the house otherwise!! And since R is having a later rehearsal this afternoon and has the car, I think I will use this amazingly mild and sunny weather to walk over and listen to the rehearsal and ride home with him. I know I can use the exercise, having done all of my walking today between cooker, washing machine, oven and dryer so far! But that's one of the things I like about the ending part of winter, when it begins to be mild enough and bright enough that I want to tackle all of the preparations for the days ahead that I've left *un*done in darker and more dreary, weary days of overcast and cold. I hope your bits of spring will come soon and regularly!xoxo


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