Signs of Spring?

…The seasons are finally changing and my soul is ready for Spring….
…Signs of it are everywhere and camera in hand I am here to witness them…

…this bright sunlight is the prefect medicine for my wary soul and aching lungs…
…until recently I never realized how dependent I was on the outside light…

…Even if in low tide puddles I love finding those bright rays of sunshine…
…cheering me up and letting me know, it will be all right…

…Any signs of Spring where you live?…


  1. Spring is definitely bouncing here! The birds are singing and nest building, the hedgerows have exploded with new life and the days are longer. Hurray! Hope your spring is happy and healthy for you!


  2. Very few signs here…but it hasn't really felt like we had a winter yet…I'm sure looking forward to spring even though the winter was so mild. Love the colorful pictures.


  3. "this bright sunlight is the perfect medicine for my wary soul and aching lungs"…love that description. No real signs of spring here just yet — a few more weeks I think. Today the sun is bright and it's meant to be 10 – 13 degrees and that is bliss!!!! I long for the first true hint of spring…it truly does awaken my slumbering soul!


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