Rough waters

“Confusion is a word we have invented for an order which is not yet understood” 
 Henry Miller (1891-1980)

…Do you ever feel as if you got trapped in wild and rough waters?…
…Holding on for fresh air while being tumbled up and down…
…not knowing what the next five minutes will bring…

…Trying to remind myself, “This too shall pass”, yet feeling this way is here to stay…
…Confusion is becoming my daily companion, feeling lost and sometimes losing hope…
…Wanting to find my way back to a more serene state of mind…

…Any suggestions for me, dear friend?

25 comments on “Rough waters

  1. It's so unfair that the one thing we humans most need patience for is . . . patience!! But I think you are doing remarkably well, Anyes, in trusting that what needs to be will come in its good time. Meanwhile, know that you are always surrounded by your friends 'out here' who care what happens with you in the present as well as what is to come, and wish you peace and joy.xo


  2. I am reading Pema Chodron and it is helping me a lot. Learning to trust is the key I think and it will take a bit of time. Thank you for your help Mary and for sharing 🙂


  3. I am slowly learning to be still and to trust that all will unfold in due time. I used to be better in trusting and it seems over the past few years I "lost" it…thank you so much Gayle Hugs to you 🙂


  4. This is what I am trying to do…changing my focus and trying to help others. It took this shot from the river close to where we live, I love it very much too 🙂


  5. Anyes, I love what Jennifer R. wrote. For me, doing my best to stay in the present moment and as basic as, "what comes next"?…breathing, get out of bed, shower, stretch the body, walk the dog, all the seeming rudimentary steps of a daily life. I have to move the body; walking helps a lot and I've started doing some yoga again. Then I gain a lot of solace from inspirational reading; Rumi,Pema Chodrin, Jack Kornfield, Byron Katie. The more you can stay in your heart, begin to really trust your heart, you will move through this time. Let yourself be curious about the unknown.Love to you!!M


  6. My life has been much like this for the past year and a half. Things that help me are texting my half sister and a friend when I'm feeling really lost. My friend gave me excellent, simple advice recently that helps a lot. She told me to be still and trust that the universe knows what it's doing. My thoughts are with you, Anyes. Hugs.


  7. no suggestions, dear poetheart, but love sent in droves.know that you're loved….that you're not alone….that the waterssometimes seem harsh and hostilejust at that moment when they're teeming with alivenessthat is FOR you,not against you.Trusting for the beautythat will come…..always it comes.-Jennifer


  8. You're not alone…maybe for some…knowing this can be of some comfort….so far it hasn't been for me…I want a better understanding of what is happening to all the regular routine we once held so dear. Seems life has gone from simple to complex over night…and we are just tumbling in it. I'm holding out my hand to you…can you reach it? We have to pull each other up in light and love. I offer you mine…


  9. I think you've described my world perfectly… I can go from fine to frantic with a side of heavy in 2 seconds flat. Climbing out of that confusion can be daunting. Sometimes, when I desire something for myself, I try to give it away first. When I shift my focus on doing something for someone else, I find the feelings lift and I step into a new sense of order and calm. Love to you sweet girl!


  10. Oh yes, I know that feeling. Sometimes I think it will last "forever" and then it is gone. I believe that the confusion and the being tossed around is necessary to shake up how I feel and how I think. It's the "pre" to what is to come. And when all the confusion has settled I see new paths and new ideas and new journeys to make. It's like jumping into a pool of water and going straight to the bottom…and then coming up again for air. You need sometimes to go to the bottom to see clearly again at the top. So it's one day at a time for me when I'm like this. I focus on myself and what I need and I listen. It might be a walk outdoors. It might be sitting in front of really bad tv! It might be painting my nails a colour I wouldn't normally choose. It might be purging things from my closet…things I've looked at but not purged, thinking "next time" and then "this is the time" because I'm in that kind of mood. I just let the confusion surround me until I realize…that's it, I'm DONE. And off I go again until it begins to swirl once more. Hang in there my friend…and if it seems to worsen? Then call your doctor and go talk. Because sometimes just being able to talk, even if you don't know where you're going, gets you where you need to be. xoxo


  11. Something that we all feel at this time… lost, confused, empty. Doing daily routines helps, walking, taking pictures… do not try to understand what's going on! Thinking of you 🙂


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