Which way?…

Life is the sum of all your choices. 
Albert Camus

…Crossroads are always so intriguing, many possibilities, many choices to embrace….
…Yet today I have decided to stand in the middle without choosing just for a while…
…I am in no hurry and a bit of reflection is going to do me plenty good…

…Taking with me the deep seated feeling that it will all unfold in due time…
…Being patient is essential while keeping busy with everyday stuff…
…If life was only traveled on straight roads it would be quite boring…

Don’t you think?


  1. Standing in the middle – is the best place to be. Surveying the choices before actually taking a step and moving forward. A perfect image to illustrate the quote!


  2. Oh I agree…if life moved in a straight line it would be blastedly dull! And when I come to a crossroads, some of the best time is just standing in the middle, being still and listening. xoxo


  3. So far I have to say even if it went against my more spontaneous nature, I am glad I am standing still. It will all work out…Thank you Mary for your kindness šŸ™‚


  4. Well, probably by now you have a sense of what I will say about standing in the middle…that it is just as much a choice as going left/right/up/down. "I don't know" is also another great example of making an "active" choice or thought without actually moving. Standing still and simply letting life unfold in front of you can bring so much information. (I'm saying this all to/for myself as well!)You are perfect, Anyes!!


  5. Sure shootin' that straight road would be borin' as all get out!!!Patience has never been one of this Ozark Farm Chicks virtues…I want everything…yesterday. It's just the way I fly! Heeeheheheeh!I love the way your framed these beautifully wise words with that amazin' picture. Great pose sweetie.God bless ya and have yourself one amazin' day!!! :o)


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