A river singing

Rivers are roads which move, and which carry us 
whither we desire to go. 
Blaise Pascal
…The wild song of the river is all about hope and peace…
…Listening intently I believe they will eventually come my way…
…I gazed at the waters and forgot my troubles…

…Tell me friend, did you know about the calming powers of a running brook?…


  1. When you're down and outWhen you're on the streetWhen evening falls so hardI will comfort you Like a bridge over troubled waters… I will lay me down Spring has sprung, smile 🙂


  2. I find that even the sound of the brook can be wonderfully calming and healing–recorded flowing water and birds singing make a marvelous background for a workday in the house, lately!


  3. LOVELY image, Anyes… I find much comfort, as well as inspiration in water–be it a brook, a waterfall, an ocean. :o) Happy Spring ((HUGS))


  4. I can hear the water moving in this image. It has been a very dry winter so we won't have much of a melt-down run-off from the mountains. I am longing for water!!! I might have to take a drive soon to this beautiful lake we have up in Abiqui (about 35 miles north)


  5. Oh ! Je peux y rester des heures, été comme hiver ! L'eau me manque très vite et je connais tous les endroits où je peux la voir couler autour de moi ! Lac, rivières, étangs … Bonne journée, Anyes, amicalement.


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