…Deep in Nature…

“The clearest way to the Universe is through a forest wilderness” 
John Muir

…Deep in this forest, I walked searching for answers…
…Confusion was to be my constant travelling companion of late…
…Yet looking at those mossy sweater wearing trees, I felt understood and calm …

…A nature girl is who I am and this is where I find my answers…

…Where do YOU go when you need guidance?…


  1. I'm usually a beach girl…sitting by the water, listening to the waves…that helps me to think, but more and more I can feel the pull of being in the trees and the silence of the forest.


  2. Omar Khayyam (92)The sky is a belt woven from our tattered lives. The mighty river was formed by all the tears our eyes have shed. Hell is a spark from our searing pain. Heaven is a breath drawn from our moments of peace. Translated by Juan Cole from [pdf] Whinfield 92


  3. Those are gorgeous trees! That green is divine- truly- like sweaters- yes I see it too. I go deep within, or find the sunshine, or get myself to a body of water- stream, river, lake, etc. Those are all my go to places…


  4. The forest is very peaceful and calm. super picture of the mossy trees. I go deep with in myself. Don't come around and bug me . Just let me clear away all the distractions and I will get back to reality.


  5. BEAUTIFUL image, Anya! I hope you did find the solace you needed. :o) For clearing the mental cobwebs, I love a good walk in nature too, or even better, a walk along the shore and being close to the sea. I also find great comfort and guidance each practice on my yoga mat too. :o) Happy Spring, my friend ((HUGS))


  6. I go to the sea. I listen to the tides ebb and flow – like the water is breathing, it instantly calms me. I love the fact that the ocean has moods too…


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