Wishing you light :-)

Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair…  
Susan Polis Shutz

…These are the last hours of our Spring Break and we did have sunshine for a few days…
…I am feeling a slow return to my normal self after these strange Winter months…
…Still being drawn even more than usual to the light and its healing powers…

…Wishing you sweet friend a Sunday full of love, light and laughter…

9 comments on “Wishing you light :-)

  1. Moving to the light always makes me feel refreshed and revitalized. I'm happy to hear that you are feeling lighter these days…wishing you extra healing light…and a dance with flowers in your hair! xo


  2. The sense of rejuvenation I feel keeps leading me back to the light as well 🙂 Now we just need the sunshine to come back to us and I will be even more fully alive again 🙂


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