1. I like how the qualities of each animal appeal to different moods, different days. Today I'm feeling very hippopotamus… Tomorrow, who knows, the eagle may return. ;o) Happy Day, Anyes ((HUGS))


  2. yin and yang….both useful. I think we have been forced into thinking by conditioning that every day should be a happy day…but then we wouldn't enjoy the soaring fully if we hadn't wallowed first. Both equally important….embrace them equally. yin and yang…


  3. Both appeal to me always on different days, sometimes on the same day. I can flip from one to the other like the snap of my fingers. And both bring much, much joy!!!


  4. Honestly, Anyes, like Mr Sandburg I find both to be desirable and even useful, depending upon the day and my mood! Today I shall try to be more of an eagle, I think. :)xoKathryn


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