Finding my answers…

Being on a quest, both emotional and spiritual since the beginning of this year, has left me feeling at a loss this last Winter. Isolated and alone is how I was, or so I thought. The lowest point was about a month ago when I got to wonder about everything in my life. Having chosen Simplicity for my 2012 word, I felt it was very ironic that chaos seemed to be the master in my domain…

A few weeks ago tired of wondering, having too many questions in my heart and in my head, I remembered about an I Ching book I had. All of a sudden it seemed like the perfect tool for me to use. So I took it, read it, and asked, with all my heart…
Three major questions were asked here is an example of the answers I got:

  • Cast Hexagram:

45 – Forty-Five
Ts’ui / Gathering
The Lake rises by welcoming and receiving Earth’s waters:
The King approaches his temple.
It is wise to seek audience with him there.
Success follows this course.
Making an offering will seal your good fortune.
A goal will be realized now.

This is an important Convergence, and you must be part of it.
Look for the Center of this convergence.
Like waters running to the sea, like an astronomical convergence of planets revolving around the sun, you should let the gravity of this Center draw you near.
Others are also drawn to this Center, and among them you will find shared bonds and kindred spirits.
This tribal convergence will give you a clarity of purpose.
You will no longer be alone.

After having read it, I no longer felt alone, isolated and confused. Deep in my heart I knew the way again. The best part of all of it, is that it also gave me the courage to go for what my heart had been craving for a while now. As a result I am in the process of big changes having to do mostly with my work situation and I LOVE it.
Simplicity seems like it is going to be my 2012 word, after all 😉 

…Have you ever tried something similar to ease your worries? I’d love to know…

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  1. The I Ching is always there when I am lost or confused, and since I was a child I have relied on it, then through the wisdom of the elder retainers in my Grandparents' home who used yarrow stalks instead of the coins and both my husband and I came to our marriage each one of us with a book under our arm. Serendipity.I am so glad I found your blog again! When the debacle with blogger happened I lost all of my blogs list. I try to remember but I was ill and nothing came to mind and tonight I just – somehow after looking for sunshine here and there and about everywhere – landed here. I am not sure you have the address of the new blog, but if you would like to have it just let me know. Your photos are just gorgeous and I hope the jasmine still growing happily and fragrant. Have a "simple" filled with joy journey now that you know where it may lead.


  2. Big shocking changes can be a pivotal moment in your life. You have to be ready to accept some discomfort. I was a naive 23 year old when I went ti Inuvik NWT to teach. It was a change that altered my life forever. I will be watching to see what happens with your change. Good luck.


  3. Asking the questions and waiting for the answers…sometimes they seem to take FOREVER to arrive..sometimes it's because we didn't ask the question the correct way for the answer. Sometimes the answers comes when we least expect them. It's being receptive and the timing being "right" that matter. So yes, I have had experiences like this (not with the I Ching but other methods) and I always go back to what a wise woman said to me, even though we were joking around at the time, "the universe will unfold as it should", which to me simply means…it is all there. Being mindful, aware and open so that when the petals unfold we are ready to see. Oh geez, I'm just rereading this and I sound like "Grasshopper" — sorry about that!! lol!


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