What if… ;-)

“Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, 
it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope.” 
 Dr. Seuss

…What if…
…In this dandelion, were tiny creatures going about their daily business the way we do…
…Feeling happy, tired, angry or sad in much the same way we do…
…Would we still consider them weeds?…

…Have you ever wondered?…

Every single year come dandelion season, I ask myself this very question, this year I thought I’d share 😉


  1. I love this perspective of another world like ours, where people don't have a clue that they are being watched by something/someone bigger ;-)It makes you wonder how big/tiny we are in the universe!By the way, if people knew what a delicious honey tasting syrup you can make with dandelions, they wouldn't try to eliminate them… Have a good Sunday, Anyes 🙂


  2. I love this one. Any plant in 'the wrong place' is a weed to someone. Every plant should have us appreciate it for its individual beauty and particular attributes before we condemn it as unwanted.


  3. What a beautiful thought/question. I think so many people spend so much time ridding their lawns of these because they want that flat green "pristine" look that we have "decided" that these are an eye sore. Yet do we feel that way about a field of lavender or poppies…no. A dandelion has a flower and then it goes to seed. I like the way you have been thinking. I'm leaving all my dandelions just where they are. I love them when they have turned to seed and fondly remember playing with them as a child. xo


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