Keeping at it

“Many of the great achievements of the world were accomplished
 by tired and discouraged men who kept on working.” 

Days flying without me even seeing them pass, running as if in a hamster wheel is how I feel right now. Working and trying not to think too much. The everyday kind of work, the one that pays the bills (barely). The stress of the unknown looming on the horizon is what I think is draining me the most.

Lovely Husband’s job is giving him much to re-think about. Having turned 50 a few months back is also playing a confusing game in his head. Until now I laughed at the expression “mid-life crisis” but the turmoil of it all is engulfing me within its grip, giving me to reconsider my previous snickering.

Being able to focus on simple beauty, and enjoying nature’s treasures all around is what keeps me afloat. A budding rose in my front yard, slowly unfurling has the power to calm my anxious mind. Taking my camera I photograph it, a smile on my face and hope is flowering once again in the depth of my heart.

In all honesty I was going to write about the Summer season coming soon, and try my best to keep my words light and full of hope. Instead I find myself opening up to you all and  wonder what came over me. I guess I feel safe enough. So I am grateful to you all for this beautiful place where we share our Visions and Verbs.

thank you 🙂

Cross-posted over at Vision and Verb where a collaborative group of like-minded women from all over the world share their passion for photography and the written word.  



  1. Somehow I missed this post on Vision and Verb, which is really unfortunate as I can relate to what you've written, although I may be a bit less balanced, feeling like I'm tipping into a black hole and that if something doesn't shine for me soon, I will simply let go of the branch I'm hanging on to.


  2. our blogs are our safe spot….my hubby will be 50 later this year….and mid life everything is floating around us :)what is it we'll do with OUR one wild precious life 🙂


  3. 50? That's so long a go for me I find it hard to remember! Some of these numbers can speak to us in odd ways. Some of the best of life comes after 50. Much contemplation and answers.


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