Can you believe it’s been that long?

To see the Summer Sky Is Poetry, though never in a Book it lie – True Poems flee. 
Emily Dickinson

…A busy Summer is my only excuse for having left you 
for almost two months, dear friend

…Could if be forgiven, if I was to…
 Show you all about this Summer’s travel abroad, in far away countries?
…Tell you about the life lessons I am still learning?
…In short just share with you the way I did before?

…Between you and me, I am very happy to be back here 🙂

…Tell me, dear friend, How is YOUR Summer going?


  1. Delighted you're back here, sweet Anyes. So glad you've had a break (and a fulfilling summer, from the sound of it)–and I'll look forward to seeing what's ahead. Blessings,Kathryn


  2. Great to see you Anyes!!! Beautiful quote from Dickinson.Looking forward to your photos and what you've been up to. Hope you are well!


  3. Très contente de te retrouver… Je me demandais ce que tu devenais, il y a moins d'une semaine! Il faut parfois faire des pauses … Ca régénère et je me rejouis de te lire à nouveau. Bon dimanche.


  4. Great that you got some travel in! I have stayed close to home and been much busier than I had planned. A few things cropped up that I hadn't expected. Good to see you back on the blog.


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