Jump in, come swim with me ;-)

Reliving those hot Summer days on the Lago Maggiore, is making my heart ache. We spent most of our afternoon that day jumping in and swimming in the beautiful clear and refreshing waters of Lago Maggiore.  
The day had started a bit cloudy, and I was wondering if it would be clear enough for us to go swim. But by the time, we were ready to board our host’s boat the sun had burned off the clouds. The sun was hot and lighting up everywhere. 

As you can see on the over exposed photograph below, I had a bit of a hard time taking a good photograph of Isola Bella. This island is one the four islands found on the Lago Maggiore, along with Isola Madre, Isola dei Pescatori and Isolino Di San Giovanni. The white sky in the background, is reminding me now of how bright everything was and how thankful I was to see the sun. 

The bottom photograph taken from the other side of the island, shows the Pallazzo Borromeo which we did not visit. Yet it seemed such a rich historic site that I promised myself a guided visit the next time I’m in town 😉
Closing my eyes now, I am reliving this superb afternoon and can almost feel the heat of the sun and it makes me smile.

…Lots more photographs to come…Just say stop if you’re tired of it all…


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