Why? you ask…

“For whatever we lose (like a you or a me), It’s always our self we find in the sea.” 
 e.e. Cummings


…I wish I was still there
…looking at this photograph takes me, far far away…
…it is good to listen to one’s inner whisper, just for the fun of it…
…we are friends and I wanted you with me there… 
…Your turn now: Tell me, why did I choose this photograph?…


  1. I agree about the lighthouse – leading the way. But also, the lighthouse stands firm and solid in the middle of crashing waves, secured on a solid foundation. It's beautiful 🙂


  2. fond memories, the lull of the ocean, the soothing calming effect of water helps to think of peace, love, family, friends … of lazy days, good times, warmth.


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