Holding on? Letting go?

In the process of letting go, you will loose many things from the past, 
but you will find yourself […]
It will be a permanent Self, rooted in awareness and creativity. 
Once you have captured this, you have captured the world.
Deepak Chopra

…I am torn between holding onto the dream I have to become a writer…
…and letting go of it…

…My daily reality does not have much place for such an occupation…
…I need a few “empty” hours in my days to write creatively…
…The question I need to ask myself is:
How much do I want this dream of mine to become reality?..

…Any dreams of yours on the verge of abandonment this year, dear friend?…


  1. i think our dreams sometimes get flushedbecause we're harsh with them,judging them by appearances.you are a writerwhen you love to write….grocery lists,status updates, notes to yourself.i see a writer in you…don't cut yourself off.cheering you on,Jennifer


  2. Perhaps it's not a cut and dry decision..a choice between one or the other. Perhaps – you need only to reconsider the expectation..and adjust that?Lots to ponder about – for sure!


  3. that is a hard decision…some dreams have to be shelved for a little while you know…if it is not coming now let your idea marinate and when its ready to be written it will…


  4. One phrase in Chopra's quote means the world to me and that is "to find yourself." I was in my forties before I found myself and when I did I kind of liked who I found. As for your question…go for your dreams. I was a middle school teacher so I had lots of opportunity to tell kids , "Go for your dreams". It was interesting to see those who did go for their dreams.


  5. Hold on to your dream, dear Anyes. Keep it safe and warm until you are ready to let your dream fly. When the moment is right then set your dream free but please don't give up… x


  6. Bonjour,Ici st Hilaire, depuis plusieurs jours nous essayons de vous contacter mais ni téléphone ni mail ne répondent, où êtes vous passés ?bises, Gérard


  7. Oh, very thought provoking. My instinct is to say, no don't give up… but then you know your time restraints better than I. I wouldn't know how to not write 🙂 But other dreams I may let go of?? Yes, perhaps one of me ever having a career outside of the home…


  8. Good question! If it's still a dream after so long, and if I'm asking the question, then maybe it's time to let go… that's what I say to myself about the "dreams" that are still lingering in my mind.Thank you for sharing your doubts… I have to make a list now 😉


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