No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home 
and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.
 Lin Yutang

…I wonder some days if I will ever live somewhere else, 
then I go out and this is what I see…

…and the traveling urges inside subside, if only for a while longer…


  1. Vancouver is such a beautiful place. My daughter has set her mind on going to UBC Vancouver when she graduates from high school (almost four more years… let's see whether she'll change her mind).


  2. oh i love to travel…but then i love to come home too….it feels so good to lay in your own bed….beautiful pics….being away gives us fresh eyes for sure…


  3. Gorgeous! I have lived elsewhere, and am grateful to be here for now. I always love traveling away and exploring, but them am happy to return to what just always feels like home.


  4. I do that as well. For me it's less about leaving where I live in the wider sense but more about leaving this house…when we bought it I saw it as a "starter" home; my husband saw it as a one time move. We raised our 2 boys here and they are off at Uni and will not likely be back for good once they are done…and I want something smaller, in a different location for these days of wine and roses…not sure I'll budge the old fart, but you never know!


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