Where ever you go, there you are

Where ever you go, go with all your heart, Confucius 551-479BC

So here I am looking forward to a new adventure, in this creative journey of mine. Like this green leaf unfurling under the Autumn sun, I am slowly going to open up and stretch my artistic self.

I wish you a beautiful Sunday, feel free to let me know what you thinking of my move 🙂



  1. Ahhh, its lovely Anyes- I hope you enjoy your new digs! Its fun to stretch ourselves every now and again- I look forward to seeing what you have to share!


  2. Here I am!! So happy that you are making changes and looking forward to spreading your blogging wings. It’s funny…now and then I’ll think about switching to WordPress…I’m going to follow closely on your heels here to see how it works, how you are finding your new home and make that decision in a few weeks time!! Looks lovely here Anyes! xo


    1. Sherry 🙂

      I had thinking of doing just this for about one year now, and I am so glad it’s done. Still a few minor changes and I am really glad to have taken the leap.
      Write me if you have any questions xo


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