I am embracing you

It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult. Seneca

Had you told me a few weeks ago that I would have such an easy time switching blog providers the way I just did this week-end, I would have laughed in disbelief. As it turns out, it was a lot scarier in my mind, than in reality. Which makes me wonder…

So many goals resembling foggy silhouettes lost in my head, simply waiting for me to attempt to reach them. Truth be told, I. am. simply. too busy  scared. The voices in my head keep telling me:”Such a waste of time, to attempt anything so late in life”. Another favourite I often hear deep within: “Lack of talent would prevent any worthy creation from emerging”.

Self-depreciation is an occupation that often times keeps me busy, especially when it comes to my “artist” self.

This week-end something changed in me, as if a mental switch had been turned on. I am learning  to advance towards my goals, regardless of that sinking feeling in my gut. My heart tells me to go ahead and I listen. Too many hours were spent listening to this fear and I am done with it. I have chosen to embrace it instead of letting it control what I wish to do with my life.

Writing here now I still feel the fear, and I am learning to tame it. Deep breaths…

I know more than ever before that am on the right track, even if sometimes I still doubt it. Embracing my fear is the way to move forward toward those goals I see ahead.

Do you have any fear waiting to be embraced? I’d love to know, dear friend



  1. Fear- oh boy, do I know fear. What I am learning is to be afraid- but do it anyway. Let your knees quake and your legs shake- but go right into the center of the fear and do not let it steal your moments. So, so glad you are learning this friend!


  2. Oh, facing the fear is so hard. I make things so much worse by over thinking… I am making myself get out there and show my work. After all it’s not going to sell itself sitting in my studio…


  3. hmmm….i think my greatest fear is that something will happen to my kids…i dont let it consume me though….i honestly need to think on this a bit as i am sure there is some limiting fears there…


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