Taking it slow – if only on Sundays –

“A Sunday well-spent brings a week of content.”

The sun playing its magic game of light in the bubbles of the water fountain, drew me in. Camera in hand I came closer. The day was still warm, sunny and I was transported by this simple beauty. A soft wind was rustling the tree leaves and some children were playing down the street. A simple quiet Sunday afternoon about to finish and I had kept the promise I made to myself about a week earlier.

To take it. one. moment. at. a. time.

In all honesty it was easier than I had previously thought.The children and I had decided to go and look for Halloween decorations that Sunday, as it turned out the store we wanted to visit was closed  that day. So instead of coming back home, we decided to visit a friend and her children. We sat down and talked while enjoying a nice cup of tea together.

Coming back home later that afternoon, I realized that time is a precious commodity. Choosing carefully where I spend it on week-ends is becoming something I am more aware of. My work days always finish in the blink of an eye. All the more reason to enjoy and savour slow times even if only on Sundays.

I am curious, what are your Sundays favourite pass-times? Come on, dear friend you can tell me 🙂



  1. what an incredible shot….and def on the words as well…i try to take life as it comes…it takes discipline…now having sundays off its so nice….i get to do this more…


  2. That is such a beautiful image – matched with beautiful words. Sundays we try to spend outside with picnics and fresh air before the new weeks starts. Sundays are precious…


  3. Your lovely words made me stop and think. I do and go so much that I never fullly enjoy what is in the moment. On Sunday morning I usually go to church at the same time as my oldest son and his family. Then I rush home change into my riding clothes and go to the barn where my horse is boarded. Once I’m on my horse (Tango) I am truly in the momeny. There is nothing but him and me . Time stands still even as we gallop through the fields or ride patterns in the arena….


  4. Sundays… lunch with special friends, then maybe a nap, and then a visit to a park or the woods. That is my ideal Sunday.

    What a lovely image! The dance of light on water is mesmerizing. You captured it perfectly.


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